Sunday, June 19, 2016


Hey everyone! I hope you all had a fabulous weekend...I know I did! It's Sunday night and I'm waiting for my laundry to dry, so I thought it would be the perfect time to get this post up for you guys.  Please let me warn you, this post is going to be very picture heavy, but I had to get it all in one post.  

So, my sister and I (mostly my sister) have a charity called Cindy's Legacy.  It is a 501(c)3 non-profit organization that my sister was inspired to start after we lost out mother to brain cancer back in early 2011.  Our mission is to provide administrative and financial relief to caner patients and their families, and we do so in many ways.  Please visit our website to learn more about our charity, or like us on Facebook!

We have hosted numerous events over the years.  Kendra Gives Back is the name of the philanthropy program that Kendra Scott runs.  She partners with tons of charities, hosts fundraisers in her stores, and 20% of the proceeds go to that charity.  We have been lucky enough to be chosen twice for this opportunity and we cannot thank Kendra and all of her staff enough!  All of her employees are very humble, beautiful, helpful, and STYLISH, which is why I featured a few of their outfits on this post! If you are a jewelry lover and you like supporting brands who pride themselves on their giving back and customer service, Kendra Scott is where you want to spend your money. You will not be disappointed.  Her products are amazing, but everything else about the company and the brand is amazing, too! I hope the pictures show just how much fun the event was, and how much we enjoyed the berry lemonade, champagne, and cupcakes! 

Then, after the event, my little cousin wanted me to take her to this carnival close to home to take pictures.  Soooo...being the amazing big cousin that I am, I did just that!  I'm not going to lie, I thought carnival pictures sounded like an awesome "blog post" idea, but I cannot take credit for it.  
Guys, please don't judge me but I liked my outfit too much to take off my shoes.  So yes, I went to the carnival--I went IN the carnival with heels on, wearing all white.  I promise this was not planned and I also managed not to fall (but I did come close a time or two...or three).  I am sorry if this post is picture overload but I HAD to get these out to you guys.  There were too many great pictures taken on Saturday for any of the to go to waste. I hope you don't mind :).

Shirt and Bag - Target
Shorts - Old Navy
Heels - Nordstrom Rack (Brand: Aldo)
Until next time...

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