Thursday, June 16, 2016


It's almost Summer time! It's getting hot outside and that means we all need to stay hydrated.  Last summer I was so obsessed with making these fun beverages with La Croix, and since I wanted to get up a quick blog post tonight, I thought I'd share my drink with you!

This is a healthier alternative to any alcoholic drink and a fun alternative to water.  La Croix is my favorite brand of seltzer water! I usually pick mine up at Target because they seem to have the biggest flavor selection, but this time I picked up a pack from Whole Foods.  The Coconut flavor is one of my FAVORITES.  I can always drink La Croix waters plain, but to make it fun, I love adding things fruit.

Tonight, I used some of the frozen fruit I had in my freezer that I usually use for smoothies.  I put some ice in my big mason jar, and I decided to go with frozen mangoes and blueberries.  I love the way mangoes taste in water, and blueberries give the drink the pretty purple color.  These drinks are so fun and flavorful that they really don't need any sweetener, but because I had a sweet tooth tonight, I decided to add a splash of agave for help curb that.  

Now, usually I'd make these in the morning, pop a decorative straw in that bad boy, and go sit on the deck.  But since it's night time right now and it's thunder storming, I decided to enjoy my spruced up La Croix alongside a nice, relaxing bubble bath.  I will definitely be posting more flavored water ideas because they are so fun to make and there are endless combinations of fun flavored waters to make.  If you guys have not tried any La Croix seltzer waters should! La Croix has 0 calories, 0 sugar, 0 sodium, and no artificial flavors or colors.  How much better can it get?!


Until next time...