Monday, January 16, 2017

The Power of Crystals ♥

Good morning beautiful people! I woke up this morning in New York feeling good, feeling great! If you follow me on Instagram you'd know that I have been here for almost a week now. It really has been an inspiring trip.  I've had lots of time to just sit back and reflect on myself and on my life.  But I will have an entire post on later later.  This post all about, you guess it!--the power of crystals!

First off, let me start by saying that I am a believer of God, but I am also a very spiritual person.  I wouldn't call myself "religious" because I do not choose to believe in one religion in particular.  Instead, I keep and open mine and attend masses of different kinds of churches on my own time.  And I choose to have a more spiritual connection with my Higher Power.  With all of that being said, I am very much into astrology, crystals, the whole occult (if you don't know what that is, look it up)! I believe in science, but I believe God created science.  I believe in astrology and zodiac, because I don't believe God created stars in the sky for us to look just look at.  I believe the stars are a blueprint of us.  And I believe in the healing power of crystals because I don't believe God created pretty rocks to sit there for us to play with.  I believe they are packed with energies and that as human beings, we have the power to harness those energies if we so choose. You may disagree with this philosophy, you may find it intriguing, or you might be like, "damn Krystle, you're kinda late on this stuff!" And isn't my name so fitting? Krystle...Crystal!

Anyways, getting more involved in crystal energies is a new found interest of mine that I have really enjoyed looking into.  There is this really cute crystal shop about 15 minutes from my house and I recently went and picked up several crystals.  I took a picture of them and kind of wanted to explain each one to you and how they can help.  

So I'm going to start with the pale pink one.  That one is Rose Quartz.  According to the description in the store I visited, rose quartz is the "stone of gentle love."  It promotes compassion, attracts romance, and allows one to speak from the heart.  It also helps soothes loneliness and heartache.  So are you looking for a boo? Or are you going through a break up? If so, grab a rose quartz stone, bracelet, or pendant and keep it on you!

The light blue stone at the top is Beryl.  Beryl brings creativity, reduces tiredness, and increases intelligence.  It also promotes the will to succeed and heals the heart and the spine.  Honestly, I picked up this one because it said it reduces tiredness, and boy was I feeling tired towards the end of 2016! In the mornings when I was feeling extra fatigued at work, I'd pop this bad boy out of my purse and just hold on to it while I sat at my desk!

Going straight down to the round, dark one all the way at the bottom, that one is Smokey Quartz.  Smokey Quartz is an excellent grounding stone.  It removes negative energy and transforms it into positive energy.  Smokey Quartz relieves stress, fear, jealousy, and anger.  So the number one reason I picked up this stone was because of the reference to transforming negative into positive.  Although I am generally a positive person, I can sometimes catch some bad vibes.  When I do, I grab onto this stone and meditate with it.  I also like the fact that it relieves stress and jealousy.  I am someone who can stress out over the smallest things sometimes, and because I'm a Scorpio I'm naturally a little on the jealous side.  I felt like this little stone spoke to me :).

Pyrite is the perfect sphere in the center with gold reflects on it.  Pyrite attracts money and good fortune!  I was sitting at my desk at work a few days after I purchased these crystals and decided to pick up the Pyrite stone because it was so spherical and small.  So I held it in my hand for a while as a I went on about my daily work duties.  Later that day when I get home and checked my personal e-mail, I had an e-mail from a company who wanted to compensate for a partnership and video.  While this may have been a coincidence, I choose to believe my little Pyrite had a little something to do with that!

The big gray-blue stone is called Labradorite, the "stone of transformation and transition."  Labradorite puts you on your path towards your purpose in life.  It clears and balances the aura, deflects unwanted energies from the aura, and prevents energy leakage. This is probably the first stone that really caught my attention when I stepped in the store. The stone was gorgeous but the meaning was everything I needed.  This is literally my 2017 stone.  This is the year I NEED to stay on m path towards my purpose.  And I do not want to be bothered by any unwanted energy.  I need my positive energy sealed up so it can't go anywhere!

The tiny clear one at the top is just a regular Quartz.  Quartz is the universal stone and is known as the "master healer."  Quartz amplifies energy and thought, as well as the energies of other crystals.  I always keep my crystals stored together with a quartz stone so they have all of their energy power PLUS more.

And finally, the last pretty stone all the way to the right is Moon Stone.  Ladies, get ready! Moon Stone helps with PMS! It provides emotional balance and brings positive change. It is also called the "traveler's stone," and increases intuition.  I'm pretty sure everyone with a period can use this stone.  Cramping up? Hold onto this baby for dear life.  And maybe since it provides emotional balance it'll save your boo a few curse-out sessions when it's that time of the month!

Please let me know down in the comments if any of you use crystals! And if you have any questions or if you'd like to see more posts on crystals, like how to meditate with them or how to clean them, let me know! I hope this post was interesting and helpful! And I hope you all are having a positive start to your day! 

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