Sunday, February 5, 2017

Wash & Go + Review feat. Diva By Cindy ♥

Hello everyone! Happy Sunday! I hope everyone has had a great weekend.  Mine has been pretty good and productive--just how I like it! Anyways, I'm making this post for you guys to share with you one of my new FAVORITE curly hair brands: Diva By Cindy!

Diva By Cindy graciously sent me these products to test out and review for them, and let me just say I AM IN LOVE!  I will write a few brief blurbs here, but I will also link the video that I just uploaded on my YouTube channel which goes in to much more detail.  

So first let me give you the product list:

1. Diva By Cindy Moisture Shampoo
2. Diva By Cindy Stimulating Conditioner
3. Diva By Cindy Leave-In Detangling Conditioner
3. Diva By Cindy Super Gro

I have been testing these products out for about the past two weeks now and I am very impressed.  When used together, they make my hair feel so moisturized and light weight.  On all of the bottles, you'll see that they are geared to promote longer, healthier hair.  And who doesn't want that, right?! In just two weeks, I really can see a difference in my hair.  

The shampoo does the job.  It really cleans my scalp and keeps my hair moisturized.  The shampoo smells like an orange dreamsicle and is sulfate and alcohol free! Because of this, my hair is not left feeling dry afterwards at all. Sulfates and alcohols can really dry out your hair, especially for culy girls, so we try to avoid those most of the time.  I like that these products do not contain those ingredients.

But the shining star out of this whole bunch is the Stimulating Conditioner.  As I mentioned in my video, I suffered from hair loss about two years back and my hair just hasn't been the same since.  It was falling out for a while, and just over the past year and a half has it started to show some life again and stop falling out.  But I must say, this conditioner has really turned my scalp around! It has ingredients like menthol and peppermint that really opens up your scalp, gets in there and gets the blood flowing.  I feel this conditioner working the second it hits my scalp which is so reassuring to me. I have definitely noticed a slight difference in length in just a couple of weeks.  Around my edges where most of my hair-loss occurred, and at the root of my crown is where I feel/see the most difference.  So please believe I will be purchasing more of these products. 

I also believe that the Super Gro has a lot to do with the growth I see in my hair because it has a few of the same ingredients that the conditioner has to really get your scalp working.  I use the Super Grow right after I wash or wet my hair and have de-tangled with the Diva By Cindy de-tangling conditioner! 

Again, for more information PLEASE press play on the video riighhttt down there and I would greatly appreciate it. My curls are struggling to come back to life due to hair loss and heat damage, but these products are really helping to push them along and to promote healthy new growth!  Don't forget to check out the Diva By Cindy website, and follow her on Instagram: @divabycindy. 

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